Language Cell Dept. of Education (Schools),Govt. of Manipur

1. Resolution of Manipur Legislative Assembly: Considering the need of a State Department of Languages, Manipur Legislative Assembly had adopted a decision for immediate establishment of a State Directorate of Manipuri Language and Major Tribal Dialects Development vide its Resolution No. 4 dated 25-09-1996.

2. In pursuance of the Resolution of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, Government of Manipur has established and strengthened a Language Cell in the Department of Education(S) for taking care of development and promotion of Manipuri language (as a State Official Language and also to commensurate with the newly acquired status of being a Schedule Language); and for all round development of all the Tribal Languages spoken in the State, with the appointment of some 15 employees (Officers, Research personnel and Staff) on Contract basis from 31-01-1998 pending regularization of their services and setting up a full-fledged Language Directorate. Their term of engagement has been extended from time to time by the Govt. with the concurrence of State Finance Dept.
The following are the achievement and undertaken works of the Language Cell.

Standardization of Manipuri Language in respect of its Spelling, Terminology, and more importantly, Semantics, Lexicology and Lexicography for its lexicon in order to implement the Manipur Official Language Act-1979 and other Government Orders issued therein with following two major projects:

a) Advanced Learners’ Dictionary of Manipuri Language: Language Cell compiles an exhaustive and authentic Advanced Learners’ Dictionary of Contemporary Manipuri with the help of Modern Linguistics and English Language. It is also for the Manipuri users and learners who want to develop further understanding and knowledge of how Manipuri Affixes, Words, Compounds, Phrasal verbs, Idiomatic expressions, and Proverbs are used, what they mean, how they are pronounced, and how they are spelt. The work is almost completed and its editing work is being undertaken. The volume comes in about 500 pages in A4 size.

b) Manipuri Terminology Building Project: Any change in the medium of Official Language and Education essentially necessitates production of Reference books for all office purposes and University-level text-books in adequate number. These books may not only be of a high level with regard to the subject concerned, but these must contain standard and uniformed terminology.

c) Language Cell started preparing Manipuri Terminologies for 17 subjects that are studied at Graduate level with the help of competent subject experts under the sponsorship of the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (CSTT), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi.

So far 12 subjects of Humanities and Social Sciences have been fairly completed. Apart from these, implementation of state policies adopted with regard to re-introduction and development of Meetei Mayek/Roman Script for Manipuri Language also carried out by the Language Cell. Manipuri Text-books from Class I up to Class X are also produced in Meetei Mayek as well as in Roman Script. The work includes transliteration in both writing systems and all DTP processes.

10-day Meetei Mayek/Roman Script Training Programs for Primary School Teachers have been conducted by the Language Cell in two Phases. Each phase lasts 10(ten) days. The Programs have benefited about 2000 Primary School Teachers consequent upon the adoption of Meetei Mayek/Roman Script for Manipuri Text-books for Classes I-X under the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur.

The following steps are taken up by the Language Cell to provide Minimum Levels of Learning to the Children of Linguistic Minority groups within the framework of Curriculum Content published by NCERT.

a) Linguistic Data: To identify the sound and phoneme system of each Minority Language; and collection of 1000 words of mono-/bi-/tri-syllable suitable for 1st grade learners as well as simple sentences, numerals etc.
b) Dictionaries: To publish Dictionaries of 2500 words for each language. c) Curriculum development, curriculum materials, Teacher Training, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation work are to be followed accordingly.
So far Language Cell has completed the following work.
1. Phonology of Aimol Language.
2. Phonology of Anal Language.
3. Phonology of Liangmei Language.
4. Phonology of Zou Language.
5. Multilingual Dictionaries of 2782 words for six Minority Tribal Languages ---- Aimol, Anal, Koireng, Liangmei, Paomei, and Zou with Manipuri and English Language.

The following were the works entrusted to the Language Cell

a) Implementation of Manipur Official Language Act-1979.
1. Manipuri Terminology Building.
2. Translation of important Rules, Acts etc.
3. Training
b) Development of Manipuri Language.
1. Compilation of ‘An Advanced Learners’ Dictionary of Manipuri Language’ for all round standardization of the Language
2. Compilation of different types of Manipuri Dictionaries.
3. Compilation of Manipuri Encyclopedia.
4. Preparation of Manipuri Language Teaching and Learning materials for different purposes.
5. All the works relating to Meetei Mayek.


1. Implementation of Three Language Formula.
2. Preparation of comprehensive grammars and teaching materials.
3. Compilation of vocabularies and basic sentences of Major Tribal Dialects along Manipuri, Hindi and English Languages.


1. Formulation and implementation of policies for the safeguard of endangered Minority Tribal Dialects.
2. To impart education in Minority Languages at the Primary stage of School Education under the Article 350 (A) of the Constitution of India.

Department of Language Planning and Implementation Govt. of Manipur

On 19th February, 2013 the State Cabinet has accorded approval to the following:

1. Setting up of a separate Directorate of Language Planning and Implementation under the Govt. of Manipur by upgrading the Language Cell of the Department of Education (Schools), Govt. of Manipur.
2. Creation of 18 posts for the Department including Director, Joint Director and other Officers and Staff.
3. Absorption of the 15 Contract Employees of the Department of Education (Schools), Govt. of Manipur against the analogous posts created in the Department of Language Planning and Implementation, Govt. of Manipur.