Manipur State Award for Literature Memento

The Manipur State Award for Literature is sponsored by the Government of Manipur from 2008 to honour the writers in recognition of their contributions to Manipuri literature. The Award shall be given every year to the author of the most outstanding book, first published during the last five years, immediately preceding the year of the award. At present, the award includes a plaque, a citation, cash component of Rs. 3 lakh and a shawl.

Criteria of eligibility for the award

A) In order to be eligible for the award, the book must be an outstanding creative work of literature, but must not be-
1. A work of translation; or
2. An anthology of writings of different writers; or
3. An abridgement, or a compilation, or an annotation or
4. A treatise, or a research work prepared for a University degree, or an examination; or
5. The work of an author who is a member of the Advisory Board constituted under rule 3.1. or the Jury.
6. The work of an author whose any other book has already been given this award.

B) A book shall be disqualified for the award if it is established that canvassing has been done by the author.
C) A book shall be disqualified for the award if it goes against the spirit of national integration and communal harmony.
D) A posthumous award may be considered if the author died within the preceding one year of the award.

Advisory Board, Jury, Process for the Award

A) There shall be an Advisory Board consisting of five members including a Member Secretary constituted by the Department of Language Planning and Implementation, Government of Manipur. The term of the Advisory Board shall be for a period of 3 (three) years. The Member Secretary should be an officer of the Department of Language Planning and Implementation who is not below the rank of a Joint Director. The other members of the Board should be selected from men of letters and should include at least one woman. They, excluding the Member Secretary, shall not be members of the Board in the subsequent term. However, they may again be members of the Board in the next to the subsequent term.
B) The Advisory Board shall prepare a panel of 25 (twenty five) experts every year.
C) The Member Secretary shall select 15 (fifteen) experts out of the panel of 25 experts and invite recommendations of five books at the maximum from each of them.
D) The Advisory Board shall also prepare a panel of 6 (six) Jury every year. The panel of jury and experts shall be mutually exclusive.
E) The Member Secretary shall compile a list of the books recommended by the experts in order of number of recommendations received by each book.
F) The copies of the top three books or such number of books if there is a tie requiring such action, shall be sent to the members of the Jury consisting of three members selected by the Member Secretary out of panel of six prepared by the Advisory Board every year.
G) The members of the Jury shall consider the merits of the books and prepare a critical assessment and also list the book in order of merit.
H) The members of the Jury in a meeting convened by the Member Secretary shall either by consensus or by majority recommend a book for the award. If they are of the opinion that no book deserves the award in a particular year, a recommendation to that effect may also be made. In the event of a member not being able to attend the meeting he/she may convey his/her opinion in writing. The Member Secretary shall, however, have no say in the decision of the Jury.

Selection of Awards

A) The recommendation of the Jury shall be placed before the Advisory Board for the formal approval. The Advisory Board, for reasons to be recorded in writing, may refer back the recommendation to the jury for its reconsideration, the recommendation of the jury, made there after shall be final and binding.
B) The Advisory Board shall in turn forward the case of the selected Awardees to the Department of Language Planning and Implementation, Government of Manipur for formal announcement. This will be done with the least possible delay.


1) If, at any stage of the process, the recommendations are not received within a specified time, it shall be presumed that the person concerned has no recommendation to make and thus the non-receipt of any recommendation shall not hinder the process for the award.
2) The award shall normally be announced in the month of November.
3) The award ceremony shall be organized by the Department of Language Planning and Implementation soon after the declaration of the award.
4) The members of the Advisory Board and the Jury shall be given honorarium and sitting allowance.
5) The whole process from inviting recommendations to the declaration of the award shall be kept confidential.
6) The Government may amend/modify the Rules and Regulations from time to time in consultation with the Advisory Board.
7) In case of any dispute, the decision of the Government shall be final and binding.

List of recipients of Manipur State Award for Literature

Year Writer Book Genre
2008 BM Maisnamba Ningthemnubi Novel
2009 Thangjam Ibopishak Shrimati Tomchababu Poetry
2010 Moirangthem Borkanya Yenningtha Nangna Khongdoi Hullakpasida Poetry
2011 Shree Biren Chatloiko Ei Mapham Kadaidasu Poetry
2012 Kshetri Bira Nangbu Ngaibada Novel
2013 Birendrajit Naorem Turel Nangdi Poetry